James Li

In through the Out Door

I’ve been creating meaningful brand and interactive experiences across print, desktop and mobile platforms for over 10 years.

Shortly after graduating from college and retiring from my illustrious career as an office assistant, I traveled back to my homeland of Taiwan to explore and witness the emergence of East Asia while pursuing my real passion for art and design. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work for several design agencies on dozens of diverse projects from clients throughout the world, including:

My work has been featured / recognized in online publications including:

  • Best Web Gallery
  • NetTuts
  • Web Design Ledger
  • The Best Designs
  • CSS Mania
  • CSS Drive
  • Design Instruct
  • Design M.ag
  • Selected Web Design
  • Spyre Studios

Outside of client work, my good friend and I run the brand Exit Labs which designs and handcrafts limited edition messenger bags and backpacks.

When I’m not working, I enjoy simple pleasures including baking, biking and hanging out with the kids. I've also managed to get an illustration book published several years ago titled Brownie.